19° Lens for FM-mount Projection Attachment (PJ-FMM-LENS-19)

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175,00 €
175,00 € - 175,00 €
175,00 €

This is a dedicated 19° interchangeable lens for the Nanlite PJ-FZ60 projector mount (which is sold separately). This lens provides a tighter beam and produces the brightest possible light from the Forza 60 and 60B. While the additional output is a huge bonus, the biggest benefits are the endless creative possibilities it provides.

The Ultimate Light Shaping Tool

Lighting a shoot is incredibly creative to begin with, but when you add the PJ-FZ60 projector mount and this lens, the potential is unmatched. Create eye-catching textured backgrounds, razor-sharp spot effects, and anything else you can dream up.

Dramatically Increases Light Output

The 19° lens provides up to 17 times brighter output than the light only, it's 3 times brighter than the light with the reflector, and 1.4 times brighter than the light with the FL-11 fresnel.

Durable, Heat-Dissapating Nylon Construction

The lenses and projector mount feature a durable nylon construction that both stands up to the rigors of production work, and quickly dissipates heat so you can handle them without worry.

Swapping Lenses is Easy

Removing the current projector lens and swapping it for another is accomplished by removing a single screw. It only takes a few seconds and doesn't require any tools.

Fits Inside the PJ-FZ60 Case

The case that comes with the Nanlite PJ-FZ60 projector mount (which is required for use) has a free slot that can hold this lens.

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