Barndoor for Pavotube II 30X (w/ eggcrate)

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109,00 €
109,00 € - 109,00 €
109,00 €

The Nanlite Barndoor for Pavotube II 30X (w/ eggcrate) is a fabric barndoor and eggcrate for the Pavotube II 30X. The barndoor runs the entire length of the tube.

Get ultimate control over your lighting. Eliminate stray light, add directivity and easily adjust the beam from 180° to 5°. Although this barndoor is specifically made for the Nanlite PavoTube II, the standard T12 diameter mounting means the barndoor is also compatible with T12 tube lamps of a similar length. 

With only the barndoor you determine the range of your lighting yourself. If you place the eggcrate, you can easily adjust the light beam and its angle. The barndoor is easy to install with 2 clips and the sides are adjustable. The Nanlite Barndoor is made of strong & durable ripstop Nylon. After use, everything folds flat and compact, because of the light materials the whole does not weigh much. This makes transporting and storing very ergonomic.


  • For PavoTube II 30X 
  • Barndoor & Eggcrate
  • Runs the entire length of the tube
  • Ultimate control over your lighting
  • 180° to 5°
  • Compatible with T12 tube lamps of similar length
  • Model Name: NL-BD-PTII30X 

Contents of the package:

  • Nanlite Barndoor for Pavotube II 30X (w/ eggcrate)
  • Gotovina
  • Transacijski
  • Pouzeće
  • Karticama preko ECC SoftPOS


  • Jednokratno (Diners Club, Mastercard, Maestro i Visa)
  • Oboročno, beskamatno od 2 do 12 rata (Maestro, Mastercard, Diners i Visa)
  • Plaćanje walletima (Google Pay i Apple Pay)

Možete preuzeti opremu na više načina:

  • Fotosvijet Studio, Milana Ogrizovića 28, 10110 Zagreb
  • Dostavom putem Hrvatske Pošte ili InTime

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