Bljeskalica Godox MF-R76S+ Dental Flash

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The perfect tool for aesthetic dentistry
Drawing on years of experience and technology in the lighting industry, Godox offers photographers in various fields professional lighting tools that enhance their business. After rigorous testing and refinements, we are proud to present the MF-R76S+, the dedicated dental ring flash for Sony cameras and the perfect lighting tool for aesthetic dentistry. 

Ready for dental photography
The MF-R76S+ is designed to ensure the smoothest possible workflow for dentists and dental teams. With its calibrated TTL mode for dental photography, the MF-R76S+ ensures seamless synchronisation between the camera and flash setting.

Accurate colour reproduction
Accurate reproduction and consistent colour temperature are crucial for dentists. Combined with Sony cameras, the MF-R76S+ provides you with a reliable and dependable photography system during your treatment process.

Focus beam
The focus beam enables fast and accurate focusing, preventing misfocusing and repeated shots. This feature improves the efficiency of dental photography and ensures a pleasant treatment experience for your patients.




  • Guide No.: GN14(ISO 100, in meter)
  • Lithium Battery: 7.2V/3000mAh
  • Flash Power (1/ 1 Power Output): 76Ws
  • Flash CCT: 5900K±200K
  • Focus assist beams Power: 0.7W*2
  • Focus assist beams CCT: 5300K±200K
  • Flash Power Range: 1/1-1/256 (with 1/3 increment each stop)
  • Flash Duration1/300s~1/20000s
  • Flash ModeTT:  Flash, M (Manual) Flash
  • FEB: -3~+3 EV (FEB value), with 1/3 EV increment each stop
  • HSS: Yes
  • First Curtain Sync: Yes
  • Second Curtain Sync: Yes (set on camera)
  • lnner Diameter of Light Body: 77mm
  • Recycle Time: 0.1-1s
  • Full Power Flashes: 550
  • Wireless Transmission Distance: 0-100m
  • CH: 32 groups: 01-32
  • ID: 99: 01-99
  • Working Environment Temperature: -10~50℃

Dimensions and Warranty
  • Ring Flash Dimension: 130x130x27mm
  • Controller Dimension: 120x70x50mm
  • Net weight (with battery): 578g
  • Standard: 2 years warranty
  • Accu/Batteries: 3 months warranty
  • Lamps/Flash tubes: no warranty


In the box


  • 1x MF-R76S TTL Macro Ring Flash Sony
  • 1x USB charger
  • 8x adapter rings
  • 1x storage bag
  • 1x Lithium battery
  • 1x Type-C USB charging cable




  • Sony (A7M4, A7R5, A6400, ZV-E10)
*To ensure a better light result for dental photography , FE90mm(SEL90M28G) is suggested to use.


  • Gotovina
  • Transacijski
  • Pouzeće
  • Karticama preko ECC SoftPOS


  • Jednokratno (Diners Club, Mastercard, Maestro i Visa)
  • Oboročno, beskamatno od 2 do 12 rata (Maestro, Mastercard, Diners i Visa)
  • Plaćanje walletima (Google Pay i Apple Pay)

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