Generatorska flash rasvjeta Godox Witstro AD300Pro

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Generatorska flash rasvjeta Godox Witstro AD300Pro

Unlimited Flexibility
Combined with the dimmable, bicolor LED modelling lamp to aid your pre-visualisation, and blenk with the ambient light. You can also create short-form video with the 12W continuous light.
Ease of Use
Built-in receiver far triggering and pcwa control with 2.4G X system compatible with 7 camera brands. Use Godox X2 or Xpro trigger to easily trigger the strobe wirelessly and control all the setting. Combined with a super high contrast VA display, you can also adjust the setting via its clear control panel.
High Proformance & Large Capcity Battery
With a rechargable lithium battery, up to 320 full power flashes, you can focus on making the most of your day and get more work done. Battey charges in lass than 2.5 hays. The battery of AD200 & AD200PRO can also fit AD300Pro.
More Optional Modifiers
The newly integrated Godox reflector makes the flash ready to serve up some dazzling imagery without add-ons, spewing the way to the finial lhe. Designed with the smaller Godox-mount front, you can mount any Gociox-mount modifiers, which are thin, super portable and handy to achieve more light effects. Equipped with AD-E2 bracket, AD300Pro allows photographers 10 adjust angles steplemly.
Designed with compatibility in mind, you can also use Godox AD300Pro with S2 bracket to get AD300Pro morning and attach Bowen-mart accessories for achieving more variable light effect control.
For more modifiers, purchase AD-AB adapter ring to install modifiers wit various mount such as Profoto Elinchrom Broncolor. Considerate accessories configuration for all your flexible needs via adapter rings which also apply to the corresponding adapters of AD400Pro.


Snaga: 300Ws
Brojka vodilja: 60
Trajanje bljeska: t0.1(approx) 1/220s - 1/10200s
HSS: Yes
Mount type: Speedlite & Witstro
Power Output 9 steps: 1/256-1/1
Multi Flash: Times: 95; Hz: 99
Flash Exposure Compensation(FEC): Adjust via the 2.4G remote control Sync Mode HSS(up to 1/8000s), First-curtain sync, Second-curtain sync
Delay Flash 0.01-30s
Mask Fan Beeper Modeling Light(LED) 12Ws; Color temperature: 3000K-6000.500K
Flash Mode Wireless Off M/Multi Slave Unit of Radio Transmission TTU M/Mulfi Compatible Cameras under Radio Canon EOS cameras (X1T-C as master unit) Transmission(as slave unit) Nikon cameras (X1T-N as master unit) Sony cameras (X1T-S as master unit) FUJIFILM cameras (X1T-F as master unit) Olympus cameras (X1T-0 as master unit)
AD300Pro Wireless Slave Unit Mode Radio Transmission Male(Compatible with Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Panasonic, FUJIFILM and Pentax cameras)
Wireless Flash Function Slave, Off
Controllable Slave Groups: 5 Groups: A, B, C, D, E
Transmission Range(approx): 100m
Channels: 1-32
Power Supply: Lithium Battery (14.4V/2600mAh)
Flash limes in Full Power : 320
Recycling Time: 0.01-1.5s
Energy-saving: Power off automatically after 30mins(adjustable) of de operation
Sync Triggering Mode: 3.5mm sync cord
Color Temperature: 5600К +/-200К
Stable Color Temperature Mode: +/-100К over the entire power range
Size Dimensions: 190x100x90mm
Weight: 1.25kg. (including battery)
AF assist: No
Batteries: Li-ion
Size: 172 x 75 x 54mm

Garancija : 36 mjeseci

Komplet se sastoji od: AD300Pro, Flahs Tube, Reflector, AD-E2 bracket, Charger and cable, battery, bag


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