LED svjetlo Godox Litemons LA150D 5600K

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Uncompromising Brightness

Trustworthy brightness is the guarantee for all content creations. Small but potent, the LA Series provides a powerful, 84,800 lux output at 1 meter (LA150D with reflector). A stepless adjustment from 0 to 100% for precise control, helping to realize the exact lighting effect in your ideas

High Color Rendering

A high CRI/TLCI rating of 96+/97+ ensures natural and faithful colors in any application.

APP Control at Ease

With Godox Light APP, all the adjustments are only a finger-tap away, making it so easy for LA Series to change brightness, color temperature, FX effects and cooperate with other LED members belonging to the Godox family.

Fast Setup, Easy Production

Weighing 1.4kg each, the LA Series is quick to be set up and transported, saving your time and energy in every production. The compact body can fit in narrow spaces nicely, so flexible to be used in small studios and home shooting.

Creative Special Light Effects

LA150D features 8 FX light effects, including Flash 1, Flash 2, Flash 3, Storm 1, Storm 2, Storm 3, TV and broken bulb, providing more creative possibility without extra cost.

Light Shaping Potential

Compatible with any Bowens mount light shapers, it works perfectly with the Godox light shaping system and other mainstream modifiers in the market, exploring more light sculpting potential for your production. With a built-in umbrella mount, getting softer lighting has never been easier.

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