NPF Battery Adapter with E27 Head

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The Nanlite NP-F Battery Adapter and Mount for PavoBulb 10C features an E27 socket where you can attach a PavoBulb 10C, a slot for a NP-F style battery, a short USB-C cord to plug into the PavoBulb to supply power, an E27 head so you can screw the device into a lamp socket, and a female 1/4 20 receiver so you can mount it anywhere.

When you have a practical light in a shot that's difficult or impossible to plug into AC power, you can use this accessory to power your PavoBulb for long periods of time and have it mounted inside the shade of a lamp, or anywhere else you desire.

Run PavoBulb 10C For Long Periods of Time

When it's inconvenient or impossible to run your PavoBulb 10C lights on AC power, this accessory lets you power the bulb with NP-F style batteries. A battery-life indicator is built-in so you will know how much power is remaining at the press of a button.

Mounts in Lamps and Everywhere Else

It features a female E27 socket to attach a PavoBulb 10C, and it also has a male E27 head so you can mount it in a standard lamp. When you want to mount it somewhere else, the bottom of the built-in E27 head features a female 1/4 20 receiver.

Put Practical Lights Anywhere

With the long runtimes you get from NP-F batteries, the deep wireless control of the NANLINK mobile app and PavoBulb 10C, and the ability to mount inside of lamps or anywhere else, this accessory gives you the creative freedom to place practical lights anywhere.

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